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A designer, you can offer an innoveative, energy-saving system to your customer, as an alternative to conventional building materials, expanding your knowledge and clientele.
A contractor, you can undertake work with fewer workers, greater efficiency, lower costs, lower specific labour costs, minimum need for skilled labour, no debris and material conveyance (cranes) costs, more certain time limit, in a longer execution period.
A building material-trader, expanding your selection of goods, you can offer products that meet the new energetical requirements at a competitive price, satisfying even such special demands as passive houses, not being exposed to the monopolistic position of the manufacturers of conventional building materials.
A council or an investor, you can have houses built for your residents or customers quickly, with little investment. You can increase your income with the aid of the greater net area of the IsoteQ® houses and the extra sqare metres coming about from this (the IsoteQ® Normal wall is only 25 cm thick!), and, utilizing the combinability and relatively little weight of the IsoteQ® walls compared to their solidity, you can also contract for adding to already existing buildings.
Building under your own management, with our competent technical advice, you may build the home of your dreams yourself from the elements joining like Lego pieces.

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