Energy saving has been revalued also in our country and after joining the EU it came even more to the front. Using energy-efficient building systems retains their value many times in the form of saved energy, moreover, by the reduction of energy useage helps to protect the environment. (Not to mention the significant cost decrease.)

The traditional building technologies (brick, wood structures, etc.) has several deficiencies in addition to their advantages, so it is needed to use new building element. This recognition has decades past in western Europe.

Our company has been resolutely studying the manufacturing , construction and all of the technologival details of unknown construction technologies in the 1990’s in Hungary in order to start the phasing in of the system in Hungary. The Lego-like connection of the elements has taught us playfully to build a polystyrene house, which requires great preparadness and expertise.

We wished to carry out our work professionally and conscientiously, so all of our thoughts have been revolved around the faster, and more accurate implementation of the new system. This work has its fruit by now: The IsoteQ® Intelligent Building Element Family was born.

The main profile of our Group is the production and distribution of IsoteQ® building system. We deliver our products into 21 countries of Europe, so it is sure, that we find designer, contractor or reseller IsoteQ-partner in the near of your residence. In case you decide to build your home yourself or you choose an inexperienced contractor to IsoteQ-System, we can train you or your contractor in form of technical support service and we can show the master’s tricks of IsoteQ® building system directly at the construction site.

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