Shortly about our company

Behind the trademark IsoteQ® there is a Hungarian-owned company, whose owners have been producing, developing and installing building elements from polystyrene for 15 years. The company, which has started its work in a small Hungarian town, has now become a Europe-wide group. The IsoteQ® GROUP today is a manufacturing and service company  for an outstanding range of products of ICF technology at international level .

The NEOPOR® IsoteQ® System

Energy costs have long been rising worldwide. If we aim at significant savings, it is obvious, that the problem of heating is where we have to start. The evolvement of this technology has been determined by factors such as economy and easy, quick construction, even with ones own hands. In the developed countries, solid structure building systems based on various EPS polystyrene technologies have been gaining ground increasingly faster. Their most important common features are that the microclimate of their interior spaces are of a better quality, running them is significantly more advantageous, and their building costs are lower than those of the conventional buildings.

Effective energy consumption

The heat transmission ability of IsoteQ® walls can be gradable from U=0,26 W/m²K to U=0,11 W/m²K. This is an extremely advantageous domain, so due to the significantly high performance of the walls even a passive house may be made from them.

Loadability and security

Buildings made from IsoteQ® system are more than five times stronger than the conventional ones. This means that an IsoteQ® wall is much more resistant to an earthquake or any special bearing force.

Pleasant microclimate 

For the even more perfect quality of air, plaster or plasterboard wall finish is applied inside, which provide a much more pleasant microclimate than the conventional lime-mortar finishes do.

Environment-friendly utilization

Building made from IsoteQ® system have been designed for centuries. With using IsoteQ® walls we preserve natural resources, and, due to the efficient energy consumption, current comsumption and gas consumption are reduced. By using IsoteQ® system one can contribute to the spread of enviromenmentally sound buildings.

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