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The German Passivehouse Institute has qualified first in the Middle-East European region a Hungarian building material.

Our anachronistic homes are the biggest energyconsumers; their heating, cooling and hot water supply is responsible for 35% of the carbon dioxide emission! It is obvious that the building industry has to change its approach; choosing energysaving, environmentally sound building materials and using renewable energy sources.

The German „Passive House” standard is the internationally best known, for energysaving buildings applied qualification system in which at the first time in this region the IsoteQ® PASSIVE element family ( IsoteQ® Passivhaus-Bausystem ) has jointed as the product of a native building materials producing and promoting business group.

Professor Feist has appreciated the IsoteQ® GROUP’s pioneer work in the region. Gergely Horváth, the IsoteQ® GROUP’s director for external trade has brought the enormous advantage of the IsoteQ® building elements into prominence that the load bearing and the heat insulating layer is going to be built in one step hereby the time and the costs of the construction are lower than in the case of conventional passive houses. ( The IsoteQ® building element-family is the native representative of the so-called ICF – Insulated Concrete Forms – technology. )

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