Press release of the IsoteQ® Hungary Ltd. about the INAUGURATION OF PREMIUM BUILDING PRODUCT (PBP) TRADEMARK

The trade’s guarantee, the quality’s feast
In spring 2009 the Trade’s Bureau of the Premium Building-product’s Building and Qualifying System put out again the tender for gaining of the Premium Building Product’s (PBP’s) trademark. One of the reasons for the establishment of the trademark was the rapid increasing use of dubious-quality building materials in Hungary. Typical of the entire construction market is, that the proper modern technical demands – which are equal to the EU demands and standards – are not efficient therefore is the buildings’ quality and permanence weak. The developers’, contractors’, distributors’, manufacturers’ and authorities’ common interest is to make an end of this disadvantagous process.

Many EU member-states have found and applied the solution successfully: the first-rate, permanent, environment- and consumer friendly building elements have to be distinguished by the application of a trademark (guality sign). Directed by this aim the Hungarian Building Material Association have taken the initiative in the establishment of the PBP trademark in Hungary. The trademark secures the striking distinction of the first-rate building materials, the result of which appears in the increasing of the buildings’ quality standard and permanence and aid of this is also improves the market position of the „quality” manufacturers and distributors.

Our company’s – the IsoteQ® Hungary Ltd. – IsoteQ® NORMAL, PLUS and PASSIVE buildingelement families won the Premium Building Product trademark’s right for use based on the decision of the Classification Council ( the members of which besides the member-leagues of the Hungarian Building Material Association are: the Hungarian Quality Product Award Competition System, Non-Profit Ltd. for Quality Control and Innovation in Building, Construction Product Quality Protection and Enterprise Development Ltd., the National Housing- and Construction Office, the National Consumer Protection Authority, the Ministry for National Development and Economy, the Ministry of Local Government, the Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Administration, the Hungarian Housing Co-operatives and the Construction Sector Dialogue Center ) of the PBP’s Building and Qualifying System.

The inauguration of the charter was held in the Upper-House Chamber of the Parliament on 2nd September 2009 after the publication of the Hungarian Product Grand Prize tender.

The certifying charter about the trademark’s use was handed to Zoltán Rostás, the owner-director of the IsoteQ® Hungary Ltd. by Dr. Péter Szabó, the regional development and construction state secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. To get the PBP trademark is important for those national manufacturers and distributors, who are interested in first-rate, permanent building products and want to increase the trust in their products int he heavy market competition. The PBP also protects the customers and users’ interests as the control-pressure – arising from the importance and interests of the trade – supplies that the user actually gets the best product, which is guaranteed by the community of the building material industry through the granting of the trademark using permission. The customer’s protection is one of the most important angles of the trademark’s establishment. Its professional purpose is that the qualification should count by public purchases, by the use of public or EU supports, by credit guarantees and by the awarding of project-financing credits.

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