HomepageContractor1-1024x682Several reasons for IsoteQ®!

IsoteQ® is not only a building element, but a mature system which offers you numerous advantages. The figures also confirm IsoteQ®!

1. “Dreams ready to move in”

The main profile of our group is the production and distribution of IsoteQ® building system. We deliver our products into 21 countries of Europe, so it is sure, that we find designer, contractor or reseller IsoteQ-partner in the near of your residence.

Learn more about construction of IsoteQ® system here.

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2. Commited to quality

The IsoteQ® building elements are made from the german NEOPOR® row material of excellent quality, with a constantly supervised production technology in our Hungarian factory. The plastic connections of our building elements are made from recycled materials. Check our approvals, certifications and prizes here.

3. The practical solution

Maximum utilization of area: an IsoteQ® house may provide a 10% larger commercial area, and can be erected in less than 50% of the time the construction of a conventional building needs. Go to our comparison table.

4. Economical partner in the everydays

The heating costs of a house made from IsoteQ® system is 60% less than that of a conventional building, or it can be used up for passive houses as well.. The installation of the equipment of building services is significantly easier, faster and more economical. What is a passive house?

Order certified IsoteQ® Passive building elements and we reward you. Further details at the IsoteQ® Actual!

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