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1. Request for quotation – The customer sends the name and quantity of the goods, he would like to order, per E-mail In case the customer calculates the needed quantity based on his plans himself, we do not take the responsibility for the quantity. Are you not a professional? Our company calculates the needed IsoteQ buliding elements as a free service. Please give us the accurate address for the construction in case you would like IsoteQ to give an ofer also for the transportation. Based on the quantities we send you our offer via E-mail.

Our offers are valid for 15 day. The quantities of the IsoteQ wall-, floor- and roof elements can be baught and transported just as entire bales. The bales cannot be opened because of quality reasons.

2. Accepting the offers – In case of accepting our offers, we create an ordering form based on the quantities received from our customers and send it to the customer for signing.
For the first order we need the following datas from our customer: tax number (in case this number is missing we have to add the VAT to the amount also by EU-member states)., bank account number, company register number, invoicing address and name.
3. Invoicing, payment – After receiving back the signed and stemped order we make the invoice. The origin of the invoice will be send to the customer via post. The copy will be received by our customer via e-mail.While transferring the invoiced amount please add the number of the invoice as a comment.
4. Transportation – Organising the transportation can be made after receiving the total amount in our bank account. Our official lead time is 4 weeks. The shipment can be organised by our customer too, but IsoteQ® can be also asked for it. The customer will be informed on the transport date via the Notification for Transportation via E-mail.
Please inform us on the exact delivery address, the required date, the contact person and his phone
number on time!
5. Transportation organised by the customer. – The goods can be picked-up in our Hungarian facility. Please give us the name of the driver and the plate number of the truck at least 1 day before the pick-up date. Without this information the factory cannot let in the truck for loading.
6. Transportation organised by IsoteQ® – The process is the same as by the process „Transportation organised by the customer” with the following difference: Our goods will be handed over to our customer or his representative at the location given by the customer in advance.
Please ensure the cicumstances required to the hand-over (f.e. free access to the location, loading)
7. Customer satisfaction – Please help our work and share your opinion and remarks in connection with our products and services. Please fill in our Customer Satisfaction Survay. Your help is appreciated.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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