Energy saving has been revalued also in our country and after joining the EU it came even more to the front. Using energy-efficient building systems retains their value many times in the form of saved energy, moreover, by the reduction of energy useage helps to protect the environment. (Not to mention the significant cost decrease.)

The traditional building technologies (brick, wood structures, etc.) has several deficiencies in addition to their advantages, so it is needed to use new building element. This recognition has decades past in western Europe.

Our company has been resolutely studying the manufacturing , construction and all of the technologival details of unknown construction technologies in the 1990’s in Hungary in order to start the phasing in of the system in Hungary. The Lego-like connection of the elements has taught us playfully to build a polystyrene house, which requires great preparadness and expertise.

Project Presentation, Sopron (Hungary)Build an IsoteQ house in 10 steps

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We wished to carry out our work professionally and conscientiously, so all of our thoughts have been revolved around the faster, and more accurate implementation of the new system. This work has its fruit by now: The IsoteQ® Intelligent Building Element Family was born.

The main profile of our Group is the production and distribution of IsoteQ® building system. We deliver our products into 21 countries of Europe, so it is sure, that we find designer, contractor or reseller IsoteQ-partner in the near of your residence.

Construction advices

Choose a contractor carefully!

  • Always make a building contract, which contains prices to avoid extra works.
  • Always contract with an experienced contractor, with good references. Talk with previous house-builders (not only with those recommended by the contractor)! Read about the topic on the internet. Make sure that the contractor have the required assets and workforce, or works with a subcontractor. It is important, because later he can pass the responsibility, when a possible construction defect occurs.
  • Ask an expert who is independent of the contractor to be a Site Manager; who will represent your interests objectively in the constuction area!
  • Let the contractor use only best quality materials for the building. I you would like to build a passive house choose products, which has a Certification of Passive-House-suitable component, and ask the manufacturer for the certified connections, which contain instructions for proper building to support effective construction.

Local technical assistance

Contractor advices

In case you decide to build your home yourself or you choose an inexperienced contractor to IsoteQ-System, we can train you or your contractor in form of technical assistance service and we can show the master’s tricks of IsoteQ® building system directly at the construction site.

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Transportation assistance

Ask for our competitive offer for the delivery of IsoteQ building blocks. We would like to give assistance to the loading of the 3 most common truck types. Take a look at our tranportation guide for details.

Transportation guide

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Wall support

Wall support for IsoteQ building system

During the manual concreting of IsoteQ masonry, the contractor typically runs in two or three rows, but it is possible to fill larger, even complete wall sections with the help of concrete pump.

In this case, however, it is necessary to use wall supports on a wide support surface with screws, which ensure sufficient stability during concreting with the pump, prevent the masonry from moving and also act as a scaffold.

Wall support for IsoteQ building system

The wall supports can be adjusted in the vertical plane of the masonry with millimeter accuracy with the adjustable extension with a threaded shank.

With the help of vertically sliding inserts, IsoteQ walls up to 3,5 m high can be supported.

A plank can be laid on the horizontal position of the wall support, which thus acts as a scaffold, making the construction of higher wall sections easier.

Wall supports in action:

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Polystyrene cutting machine

You can rent a polystyrene cutting machine

Over the last two decades, we have tried several methods and tools how to cut our building elements to size at the construction site accurately, quickly, with safe hands and with as little waste as possible.

Thick polystyrene blocks (such as the 20 cm, high-density, external thermal insulation of IsoteQ PASSIVE wall elements) are difficult to cut with a saw, as the polystyrene block guides the saw blade, resulting in inaccurate cutting and a slow workflow.

Cutting with hot wire foam cutter requires two highly experienced workers to stretch the wire on either side of the polystyrene surface; and since there is no solution to this method that ensures that the cut is straight, thus, unfortunately, this method is also inaccurate in many cases.

In our video, we present the polystyrene cutting machine used by our company, which provides one-handed, fast and dimensionally accurate cutting, even in the case of the IsoteQ PASSIVE wall element.

The polystyrene cutting machine is available in several sizes. Parameters:

Cutting thickness: 35 cm
Cutting thickness: 135 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Cutting angle: 15° – 90°
It is easy to carry, it can cut at all angles, it can be folded.

Remember: our elements can be cut every 5 centimeters, as the legolike connection points are located every 5 centimeters.

The optimal grid size is 25 centimeters, in this case the cuted element pieces contain two plastic inserts, making them resistant to concrete pressure.

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